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Compex FIXX 2.0 Massager

Lightweight and quiet 5 Speed Percussion Massager with 5 Interchangeable Tips.

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Compex® Fixx™ 2.0

The Compex® Fixx™ 2.0 Massager helps warm up muscles before a workout and relieve stiffness after a hard session. Five, powerful intensity settings, paired with a high stall force, will give the intense pressure needed to help relieve the toughest spots safely and comfortably. Interchangeable tips (included) and a rotating head help tailor your massage to the specific needs of different muscle groups. Removeable and rechargeable batteries, a compact design, and a quiet motor help provide relief anywhere and everywhere. Bring out your inner pro with the Fixx 2.0 massage gun.

Use to Help Treat / Prevent:

Compex Fixx 2.0 impacts the muscle groups with targeted percussive massage therapy. Varying speeds allow the user to tailor the massage therapy to their wellness needs. Deep muscle treatment helps to increase blood flow, relieve sore or tight muscles, enhance your performance, improve range of motion, prevent injury, and release knots or tension.

Best For:

Aiding in the relief of targeted muscle areas feeling sore or aching from exercise or recreational activities helping you to avoid injury and increase performance.

FIXX 2.0 works harder so you don't have to

Depth:   16 mm of amplitude

Force:   70% deeper than the average massage gun

Speed:   50 hits per second

Stall Force:   40 lbs

Five, Easy to Clean Tips Included

  • Ball Tip
    An everyday attachment to use anywhere on the body
  • Cone Tip
    Pinpoint specific muscles and areas
  • Large Ball Tip
    Target bigger muscles and larger areas
  • Wedge Tip
    Use as a shovel to push out any swollen areas with built up lactic acid
  • Cylinder Tip
    For sensitive areas and lower back muscles
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